Ghost Whisper 101 Fkite Carbon

Ghost Whisper 101 Fkite Carbon

"The perfect balance between stability and high-speed performance,” is how Slingshot team ride...
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"The perfect balance between stability and high-speed performance,” is how Slingshot team rider Fred Hope describes the GW101. Fred has access to just about any foil he wants, and this is the one he chooses more than any other. A medium aspect wingset makes this foil faster than the GW91 and more stable than the GW111, while a 101cm mast gives you more room to lean and carve upwind without breaking the surface. 

This is the best choice for experienced riders who want an aggressive all-around foil and are well beyond the learning curve of twitchy high-performance carbon foils.   


  • Stiff and light high-modulus carbon construction
  • Man’s other best friend
  • Session saver, big air booster, long-distance cruiser, high-speed screamer
  • The natural progression from aluminum to carbon construction


  • Mast:  101 cm
  • Fuselage: 70 cm
  • Weight:  6.4 lbs / 2.9 KG
  • Front Wing: 576 mm
  • Rear Wing: 342 mm

When we released the all-carbon 2017 Ghost Whisper, we heard from experienced riders around the world that this, finally, was the foil they had been waiting for. Not only does it have the stiff, light and strong characteristics of high-end carbon construction, but the shape and feel are spot on. It’s fast, agile and aggressive, and unlike many “high-performance” foils, it’s also user-friendly for riders who aren’t lucky enough to kite more days of the year than they work. 

For 2018, we’ve expanded the Ghost Whisper platform to include three distinct foils with three distinct personalities- all with the same top-end Slingshot DNA. 

The Ghost Whisper’s mast and mounting pedestal are one single piece, which eliminates a connection point and reduces potential vibration between separate components. The fuselage is made from sturdy aluminum, which allows for a strong, precision fit with the multiple wing sets in the Ghost Whisper’s modular system. The mast and fuselage attach with the industry gold standard key-lock connection.

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